Requests for information fall on deaf ears

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The Entrance library is still slated to close on June 25.

I have had no response from the Minister for Local Government to the two petitions I hand delivered to her Martin Place office on Wednesday, June 9.

I was reliably informed on Friday, June 18, that there is an email signed by the CEO of Central Coast Council, David Farmer, stating that a decision will be taken on June 29 at the Council meeting at Wyong.

This led me to contact the library staff on Friday, June 18, to see if they had been informed that the library was no longer closing on Friday, June 25.

The staff member I spoke with checked the emails received and could find no such extension.

This led me to ring Council and ask to speak with Mr Farmer.

As expected, ratepayers such as myself are not permitted this privilege.

I left the query with the call centre operator who indicated that my query would be forwarded to his PA.

I later received the standard email response that I would have a response in 20 days.

The gist of my query was: “if Mr Farmer’s email is correct and the decision to close the library is being made on the evening of June 29, shouldn’t The Entrance library staff be told to attend work at The Entrance library on Monday and Tuesday, June 28 and 29”?

The Leader of Client Services at the office of the Minister for Local Government encouraged me to refer my further inquiries to Council’s Administrator, Rik Hart, or Council’s CEO, David Farmer, at and ask that my concerns be reviewed.

This course of action has received no response to date.

Email, June 20
Jacqueline Austin, The Entrance