Playspace Strategy finalised as two reserves are being improved

The new John Peter Howard Reserve at San Remo

John Peter Howard Reserve play space at San Remo and Helen Reserve dog park at Gorokan are temporarily closed while Central Coast Council does some improvement works.

The San Remo reserve in Liamena Ave is being upgraded to create a larger, safer and more accessible playground.

Plans for Helen Reserve, in Gascogine Rd, Gorokan, which is already an off-leash dog park, will include two separate enclosures with one designated for small dogs and the other for all dogs.

The reserve will be broken into different fenced-off areas to allow dogs of different sizes and abilities to play safely in the park.

Work is expected to be finished at both parks by mid to late June.

Meanwhile, Council’s new Playspace Strategy has been finalised after taking on board extensive input from the community throughout the public exhibition process.

The Strategy provides direction for the development and sustainable management of play spaces.

Administrator, Rik Hart, said the vision was to have a network of high quality, inclusive playspaces which supported social engagement, are creative, enjoyable, appropriately sited, equitably distributed and sustainably managed.

“Play spaces are the heart of any neighbourhood,” he said.

“They provide meeting places and facilities where people can connect, socialise and lead active lifestyles.

“Carefully planned, designed and sustainably managed, play spaces also allow children to learn, discover, socialise and test their physical abilities through play.

“Going well beyond the playground equipment, play spaces capture the whole of park experience and offer multiple activities and facilities for all ages and abilities to enjoy.

“Council has considered community submissions regarding this Strategy, including input on design or operational issues, as well as requests for the renewal of specific play spaces or development of new play spaces.

“Where practical, these have been included in the final Strategy,” Hart said.

The new Strategy outlines a hierarchy of play space categories and their distribution principles to ensure that there is a diverse range of facilities as well as fair distribution across the Central Coast.

A 20-year play space renewal program and maintenance programs, funded from both operational and capital budgets, have been developed to meet safety and legislative requirements and to sustainably manage the life cycle of these assets.

Sue Murray