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On a bright sunny day recently I took my grandchildren to explore the new Leagues Club Park.

We had to park 10 minutes’ walk away.

We found that the only shade in the new park was one seat under a tree too far away to allow for supervision of children.

There was one shade cloth covering the large stainless steel slide.

The row of beautiful palm trees along the roadside have all been cut down and the green field behind turned into a field of glaring sandstone, with no shade-clothes.

Most of the year, children and adults would only be able to spend a short period of time in the park, and adults would be well advised to equip their children with sunglasses, as well as hats and full cover clothing.

I wrote to (former Council Administrator) Dick Persson about the matter and the reply I received stated: “Your enquiry has been forwarded to Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation as they are the developers responsible for the design and construction of the project for them to attend to your enquiry.

“They have advised Council that they do not guarantee a response as it’s not their obligation to respond in person to every single member of the public.”

Naturally, I have not received a reply.

However, the Council, in some form, must have viewed the plans to approve them, so I am surprised that no-one picked up this very important aspect of the design.

It appears that the Council has no interest in now providing shade cover and the Development Corporation certainly won’t unless they are contracted and paid a further considerable sum of money.

So that leaves the $1M+ park on our valuable waterfront of very limited use to the ratepayers and their families.

Email, Jun 3
Valerie Clifford, Green Point

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  1. GAVIN PLUNKETT | June 15, 2021 at 1:46 pm |

    Regarding the Gosford water front park, I wrote to the Hunter Central coat Devepment corporation about several issues with the new water park. I did receive a reply and they are aware of the problems with the park.

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