NSW Coach of the Year


Deepwater Dragon Boat Club President, Kathy Cummings, has been awarded the NSW Coach of the Year at this year’s annual Dragon Boat State Championships.

At the International Regatta Centre in Penrith on Saturday, June 19, the Deepwater club competed in races against 63 other NSW member clubs, coming away with team-wide improvements and one prestigious personal accomplishment.

For Cummings, the award came as something of a surprise – after being a part of her club’s growth in membership to 80+ members throughout the Covid-obstructed season, sporting an age diverse base from 14 to 75 years, Kathy was half expecting to be receiving Club of the Year.

Dragon Boats NSW CEO, Tony Henderson, with Kathy Cummings

“It’s a personal great thing for me, but also for the club because I wouldn’t do it if wasn’t for them – and the sport,” Cummings said.

The award has come as the Saratoga located Dragon Boat club is celebrating its 10th year since formation in July.

Steady growth over the past five years have developed them into the state’s seventh largest Dragon Boat club, with 82 registered members, an average age of 56 and range from 17 to 75.

This is a growth that Cummings owes to the eagerness for team-oriented physical activity.

“Nobody joins Dragon Boating to race really, they’re looking for something else.

“They usually end up racing because they get encouraged in the right direction and it’s becomes a personal development for them as well as for the club.

“I put a lot of time into this, only because I see what it does for the community as a whole.”

Media Release, Jun 23
Philip Stickley, Deepwater Dragon Boat Club