LPP to decide on modification request for sixth floor penthouse

An artist’s impression of the project

A development modification request for 5-7 Church St, Terrigal will go to the Local Planning Panel on Thursday, June 24, with a decision to be made public next week.

The developer, who has already started building on the site, and has approval for commercial premises and shop top housing up to five storeys, wants to go up one more storey for an extra penthouse unit and wider balconies on the floor below.

The application was referred to the Local Planning Panel due to 62 submissions being received when the proposal went out on public exhibition earlier this year.

It goes to the panel with a Council recommendation to refuse the application.

The reasons include that the proposed modification significantly increases the height and floor space of the approved development which were already above the guidelines.

The proposed modification has additional impacts on adjoining sites resulting in additional view loss and amenity impacts and Council says the proposal is not in the public interest.

The report to the planning panel states that the current approval already departs from guidelines for height and floor space by 10.4 per cent and 13.8 per cent.

The proposed amendment would increase these to 26.1 per cent and 28.2 per cent.

“The proposed modification may have adverse impacts on scenic quality or the streetscape of Church St,” Council said.

“The increase in height, bulk and scale is considered not to be reasonable in light of the current approval and planning controls.

“The redevelopment of the site will result in a development inconsistent with that for a commercial/residential development in this location within Terrigal.”

The subject site previously contained a public car parking area for about 32 cars.

A medical centre is located on the northern side, and a bank on the southern side.

Terrigal Police Station is located further to the north.

The site was sold by Council and construction work has commenced under the site’s current consent.

Central Coast Local Planning Panel agenda, Jun 24