Deep trauma on victims and pets that survive dog attacks

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The recent news story of a woman was killed in Queensland by a dog attack brought tears to my eyes.

The horror that poor soul suffered in her final moments is unimaginable.

Just over six months ago I had real fear myself, when two dogs were attacking me, and then my little dog in my arms.

My little dog, Buddy, is gone forever.

It’s something that will always haunt me and it’s something that happens too much on the Central Coast.

The ranger that attended my attack told me that we, on the Central Coast, have the most dog attacks in NSW.

The official figures from 2020 are published online and, frustratingly, we top the records for dog attacks going back through Central Coast Council’s history, and even in former Gosford and Wyong councils.

I recently had a meeting at Wyong Council Chambers and took stories with me of other victims to show the impact on people’s lives that these attacks have.

There is deep trauma both physical and psychological on victims and pets that survive these attacks.

People like myself that lose a pet in those circumstances are left with deep anger and heartache.

Of all the stories that have been shared with me when I’ve been speaking out about dog attacks locally. the ones where children were involved have affected me the most.

The stories I’ve heard of children watching their pets being mauled by roaming dogs coming on to their property, or the boy who was in the same situation as me.

He’s just a child and has to deal with the horror of having a pet ripped from his arms.

Other shocking stories were of the racehorses at Wyong Racetrack that were attacked and the poor Shetland pony that was viciously killed by two dogs.

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, these dogs see you as prey and they will attack to kill.

There are hundreds more stories like these on the Central Coast.

This hasn’t been easy to write and it isn’t a nice story to read but it’s a reality of the Central Coast and I want it to change.

I’m not waiting until someone is killed before Central Coast Council demonstrates better outcomes.

There is a growing group of concerned residents that are always willing and ready to help each other, and anyone who needs support or help is welcome to email me.

Email, June 23
Judi Roxburgh, Hamlyn Terrace

2 Comments on "Deep trauma on victims and pets that survive dog attacks"

  1. Darrell Overton | July 3, 2021 at 6:54 am |

    The incident of which this lady spoke, where a woman was killed by dogs and was dubbed an “unfortunate accident” by police (with no real investigation) is all the more tragic because there has been another vicious dog attack in the same area, in the past day.
    The statistics, while horrible, only tell part of the story. One child per week is hospitalized for injuries from dog attacks. That doesn’t the number not severe enough to warrant hospitalization, but are no less emotionally traumatic. Then, when you factor in the damage done to other pets, native animals and domestic livestock, how can you not see that action must be taken.
    All pets should be micro-chipped. ALL dogs should be on a lead AND muzzled, when off private property. Pet owners should be required to carry Liability Insurance and should held financially responsible for any damage done by their animal. A cap on the number of pets allowed should be enforced. Pet owners should be required to have training before being given a license to own a pet. And, lastly, there are certain animals that should be allowed to be owned. There is no reason for a person to own a Pit Bull (pure or mixed breed). There is no reason a person should a Rottweiler or Alsatian. While I personally, have owned Rottweiler in the past, I acknowledge the risk is too great.
    I am reminded of a quote from a woman concerning her dog, which I would share. “If there weren’t laws, I would take my dog EVERYWHERE”. Pet owners cannot be trusted to do the right thing and respect others.

  2. Maureen Boys | July 7, 2021 at 12:21 pm |

    RE Dog attacks etc.
    Re Judi Roxburgh,s letter and Darrell Overtons reply
    It is ludicrous to learn that the 2nd largest Council in NSW HAS NO DOG LAWS WHATSOEVER.It is soul destroying to hear animals in our are region and for that matter anywhere are torn apart simply because the Local Councils won’t bring in Laws to protect animals and their owners for that matter. I don’t have time to follow up on this RE COUNCIL however Darrell Overton has spelled it all out and please READ HIS LETTER BEFORE MINE.
    I believe with respect many of the dog owners themselves need microchipping!!!. In this area there are many acreages and spaces for dogs to roam free on their owners properties
    i HAVE ALWAYS HAD DOGS AND THEY WERE WALKED ON A LEASH. I HAD GERMAN SHEPHERDS AT SEPARATE TIMES THRU MY LIFE. And happier dogs you could not meet. One went to Pmatta park weekly for training with our son when he was much younger.
    Some pet owners should never have dogs at all.They just don’t care and do as they like so with a law the Council should come and seize them and give them a heavy fine.
    They spoil if for all the dog lovers and frankly if nothing happens i will take this up and write to David Farmer or Rik Hart as a desperate follow up

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