Covid strikes again affecting family history classes

Sophie Doyle giving a talk to the morning tea group

Wyong Family History Group has been forced to postpone its Beginning Your Family History classes, due to start on July 2, because of the Covid restrictions.

The group has been holding the classes for the past few years and after unfortunately having to postpone and then readjust the course in 2020 because of Covid, this is the second time the course has been postponed.

Last year there was a group of 12 eager students ready to go and Week 1 of the course went well, as did Week 2 on March 13.

Then the Government announced that classes such as these could not be held and the group’s meeting rooms closed to everyone on March 17.

“We hoped that we would resume normal activities in a month or two, but this was not to be,” said Publicity Officer, Lynda Smith.

Fast forward to March 2021.

“We had maintained contact with our 2020 students as some had opted to stay on our books and become members while they waited for the classes to resume,” Smith said.

“We decided to begin again with the Week 1 course content on March 5, 2021, as additional people had joined the group.

“Covid restrictions were still in place, so we could not structure the room as we had done previously, with people sitting in rows.

“This turned out to be a very good thing, as our students ended up having either a small table to themselves or two sharing a very long table.

“They could also bring their own laptops or tablets along to use during the classes.

“Our instructors also changed the way they presented their material, making good use of our new laptop and large interactive TV screen.”

At the end of the four week course, students who attended this version of the course had extremely favourable comments about the professionalism of the instructors and the friendly atmosphere.

Wyong Family History Group went on to organise another course to start in July 2021, with the possibility of additional expert or specialised sessions later in the year.

“We now have students lined up, instructors ready to go and our rooms are in tip top, Covid–safe condition,” Smith said.

“Sadly, Covid restrictions announced this week have put our next Beginning Your Family History course in jeopardy again.

“We expected to start on July 2 but must now wait to see how the next Covid announcement affects our plans,” Smith said.

Media release, June 28
Wyong Family History Group