Childcare centre proposed in Wadalba

Artist’s impression of the proposed childcare centre

Plans are now before Central Coast Council to subdivide a parcel of land at 225 Johns Rd, Wadalba, into two lots, with one being the location for a new childcare centre.

After the subdivision, one block will be 2,133sqm (Lot 322) and the other 2,867sqm (Lot 321), which has been previously cleared and where the proposed childcare centre will be built.

An existing residence will remain on Lot 322, with Lot 321 at the front facing Johns Rd.

The single-storey centre for up to 100 children will operate between 6.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, with a maximum of 17 staff present at any one time.

The Statement of Environment Effects (SEE) says that there is a strong, unfilled demand for early childhood services, and the location of the proposed centre has the advantage for parents and carers of being close to Wadalba Community School and Tacoma Public School, both only about one kilometre away in different directions.

Lot 321 is big enough for a childcare centre, says the SEE, with an indoor/outdoor play space, 25 car parks and all vehicles moving in a forward direction for drop-off and pick-up onsite.

Building footprint is 28 percent of the site, below the maximum permitted at 35 percent, with front setbacks ranging from 12.6m to 16.7m, eastern boundary at 3.2m, western boundary 7.05m and 13.5m at the rear.

A footpath will be built along Johns Rd in front of the childcare centre.

A Noise Assessment submitted as part of the SEE indicates that the impact on adjoining properties would be at an acceptable level, with fencing, screening and landscaping to ease impact on neighbours.

The subdivision and childcare centre, at an estimated total cost of $2.9M, is permissible under the R2 low density zoning under Wyong Local Environmental Plan 2013 and there no prohibitions under the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036.

The proposal, DA 468/2021, is open for public submissions until June 21.

Sue Murray