Ben Fraser – Trials and tribulations of an Australian creative Artist

Fraser is an artist, costume designer, makeup artist, musician, and filmmaker, who has had a vibrant journey, coming from making horror feature films at the age of 14, to being a finalist on Australia Idol, through to modelling agencies, theatre and Drag.

“I work with people that need exposure” “predominantly getting my work through word of mouth.”

Now after a Hiatus he is re-entering the performance scene with local events company Naughty Noodle Fun Haus.

“Naughty Noodle has come to the coast several years ago and they are doing some really powerful things, bringing people in from all over, from different walks of life, gender expressions, different racial diversities and back stories”

Benjamin will be singing in Drag at his next Noodle performance under the name, Miss Tree.

“I’ll be doing my own make-up. Makeup is very powerful, identity shift, transformation, it helps with confidence.”

Ben talks about why he likes the central coast, that although there are a lot of talented people, its quiet and he can have more time to move slowly, rather people expecting lots from him.

“My life has been a tumultuous whirlwind and I’m ready to just relax on the Central Coast a bit.” In saying that, his many talents still keep him busy and he finds it hard to push only one area.

“I think the diversity keeps me alive, one day I’m painting someone’s face, the next I’m doing a video, then I’ve got a gig coming up, if I did just one of those things for too long, it will become stagnate and strained.
kind of like making crowns, I haven’t made one for two years until the other day”

Ben stepped into the world of ‘wearable art’ through his friends and colleagues in Melbourne and Newcastle. Crowns, Costume design and fashion are all within his realm, despite claiming to not be a fashionable person.

“I love extra. I up-cycle and work with materials from the side of the road”

Ben is a powerhouse in the sense that he can have a client come to him and he can do the music, costume, makeup and video/photos for them.

Ben was heavily influenced by the French movie Amelie, Tim Burton and Horror growing up
“I went so far down the horror path that my life became a horror. I needed to start making flower crowns”

You can find Frasers feature length horror film, shot in Maitland Bay jail on YouTube with over 100k views.

Submerged –

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