5 Lands Walk postponed

The 2021 5 Lands Walk has been postponed due to COVID restrictions.

The 5 Lands Walk scheduled for June 26 will be postponed due to concerns over the Sydney COVID cluster and the latest public order, which saw a tightening of restrictions for one week from June 23, 2021.

The postponement extends to the 5 Lands Walk Opening Ceremony scheduled for the evening of June 25, 2021.

5 Lands Walk President, Pauline Wright, says while the committee was confident it could comply with the newly announced COVID-19 restrictions with some modifications, it was concerned about the possibility that an asymptomatic person could unknowingly come to the event.

“If we go ahead now the 5 Lands Walk will be restricted but if we proceed later it will be a celebration,” Wright said.

“The 5 Lands Walks mantra is ‘connecting people to people and people to place’ and we aim to exclude no-one.

“Wearing masks and the other restrictions mean that many people will be unable to participate in the celebrations.

“We don’t want to risk the health of or community by gathering people together right now.

“The decision has not been made lightly, and we thank everyone for their understanding.

“For our community, the 22,000 walkers, the performers and our 700+ volunteers, the risk is too great.

Wright said connection was more important than ever with a great sense of separation having been experienced over the past 15 months.

“There is a spirituality with what we are doing in bringing people together and this is linked to the solstice, the migration of the whales, to this season – and it joins us all,” she said.

“So, an early date is planned.”

Wright said a new date would be announced through the 5 Lands Walk website and Facebook page.

Verified information source: Media release, Jun 24, 2021 5 Lands Walk