Woy Woy PS receives $10,000 grant

Woy Woy Public School

Woy Woy Public School has received a $10,000 grant through the University of Newcastle to bolster professional development at the school.

The grant was provided to help staff participate in the ‘Quality Teaching Rounds’ – a program which aims to ‘empower teachers to enrich student learning through a collaborative, teacher-driven framework’.

The approach applies across all subjects and year levels and aims to build the confidence of teachers at all career stages.

Principals Ona Buckley and Dan Betts said the process of the Rounds has begun.

The one thing that we know from research is that the classroom teacher has the maximum impact on a child’s learning in their class,” the Principals said.

“It is extremely important that we equip teachers with all the tools they need to be confident and competent educational providers.

“A big thank you to Lisa Mills for her expertise and work around sourcing out this opportunity for our teachers and coordinating the program within our school.”

Newsletter, May 14
Woy Woy Public School