Whither our democratic rights?

Wyong Council Chambers

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With the appointment of a new Administrator for Central Coast Council, I am concerned that this unelected individual will make decisions and enter into long term contracts that may have impacts well beyond the term of his appointment, and expose us to costs and changes to our lifestyles that we don’t like.

This may include paying for parking at our beaches, paying for a desalination plant that will never be used and will cost millions a year to maintain, changes to public spaces and many other changes we find undesirable.

As a general democratic principle, the community should be able to elect their representatives.

Only these councillors should be making the decisions that affect our long term future lifestyle.

If we don’t agree with their decisions, we can vote them out.

A government appointee should not be permitted to make decisions or enter into contracts that exceed the period of his appointment.

I am prepared to take legal action to enforce our democratic rights.

Who else wants to take back control of our community?

Email, May 19
Scott Jones, Somersby