Two term limits for councillors

Suspended Central Coast Councillors

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I totally agree with Kevin Duncan (Previous councillors not wanted, CCN May 12) about not allowing any of the previous councillors to run for Council ever again.

(This is) not only because of the obvious reason of the debt they have put the region in, but also because they have been running our area for far too long.

Their ideas are always the same ones rehashed over and over again; there is nothing new.

And because they have been intolerant of fresh ways to bring the area into the future, they will never change their way of thinking.

My belief is that our council elections should be run like the American presidential system.

Two four-year terms maximum.

This way there will always be fresh minds in charge and maybe the Central Coast will come out of the dark ages.

Email, May 13
Virginia O’Leary, The Entrance