Tuggerah Lakes Entrance Management Study Stage 1 report released

Photo: Klayte McSweeny

Central Coast Council has released the Stage 1 report for the Tuggerah Lakes Entrance Management Study.

The report includes a summary of over 20 studies from 1987 to the present and provides key background information for the remainder of the study.

Council Director of Environment and Planning, Scott Cox, said the conceptual models contained in the report describe the complex nature of the processes and management of the Tuggerah Lakes entrance.

“Following the 2020 flooding, we engaged the NSW Government’s professional specialist advisor, Manly Hydraulics Laboratory, to undertake the Tuggerah Lakes Entrance Management Study, with the aim of developing an interim management procedure for The Entrance,” Cox said.

“Managing the entrance is a complex issue with no simple solution.

“It requires a careful balance between reducing the severity of major catchment floods while protecting the lakes from adverse ocean inundation and minimising disturbances to the community, typical lake water levels and the unique ecology of Tuggerah Lakes.

“The interim management procedure, once complete, will assist Council to manage the entrance and will inform the development of the Coastal Management Program for Tuggerah Lakes.

“The report released today forms just the first small part of the larger study that will take all of this into consideration and develop the interim procedure.”

Stage one of the report can be found on Council’s website.

Council Administrator, Dick Persson, said the release of the report signalled the completion of the first recommendation from Angus Gordon’s recent report.

“I’m pleased to see this report now available for the community to review and digest while the rest of the study is completed,” Persson said.

“The community will have a chance to provide input on the interim procedure later this year.

“In the meantime, I would encourage everyone to take part in the Coastal Management Program engagement that is currently open.

“This process is mandated by legislation and will develop management programs for all of our waterways on the Central Coast, including Tuggerah Lakes and The Entrance.

“We want everyone to be involved.”

Media release, May 4
Central Coast Council