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Central Coast News May 28, 2021

Coast Community Video News 5@5, May 28. Coming up this week:

  • Council to recover money from delinquent ratepayers –
  • Whales are on the move –
  • New road technology announcement –
  • Homeless health initiative –
  • Mariners win to stay in finals contention –
  • Remarkable moon activities –
  • Jacinta moves on to the snow –
Jacinta Counihan presents 5@5 Central Coast

Produced by Central Coast Newspapers in Gosford. Presented by Jacinta Counihan, Maisy Rae, David Abrahams, , Hayley McMahon, Haakon Barry & Harry Mulholland. Film and video production by Alex Herget. —full video archive here—

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  1. David Joseph DRAPER | May 28, 2021 at 6:31 pm |

    Where are the police traffic units, none on the Peninsula obviously. Speed limits on the roads here are consistently abused.
    And: Why should there be objection to non identified speed cameras ? Only the guilty should be afraid of them.

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