Sale of Mt Penang Parklands will be devastating

The parcel of land secured by the Borg Group at Mt Penang

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I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I am so shocked and saddened by what is happening on the Central Coast right now that I must speak out.

The sale by Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC) of 19ha at Mt Penang Parklands, for ‘a new major development’ (CCN April 9) will involve Borg Manufacturing Pty Ltd bulldozing bushland, wildlife habitat, including established trees to build a factory.

Adam Crouch seems to think this is a huge win for the Coast.

Shame on you Adam.

Have you walked up there?

Have you seen what an asset this space is for the local community?

Kariong residents, do you realise that once Borg have built their factory, you will be visiting the gardens, doing your park runs, sipping your coffee, attending your twilight markets, festivals and walking your dog right next door to a stinking factory?

I understand you think this will create jobs; but what price to pay?

Central Coast Council’s proposed sale of 7,000 parcels of our community assets, including community halls, bowling clubs, parks and reserves; these are our community’s assets.

Do we really want them sold off to pay a debt?

Have your say before May 21.

The proposed development of sacred Aboriginal land on Woy Woy Rd, for 70 houses; the loss of wildlife habitat and flow on effect, both natural and political, of this development will be devastating and irreversible.

The Central Coast is known for its pristine beaches, relaxing green spaces, lush hinterland, indigenous story, and strong community.

But if we don’t watch out, if we don’t wake up to what is happening, the things we treasure most (that we haven’t already been wrecked) about our area will be gone.

Email, May 5
Lisa Bellamy, Kariong

4 Comments on "Sale of Mt Penang Parklands will be devastating"

  1. Racism disguised as nature protection | May 8, 2021 at 1:34 pm |

    Just imagine how prestige, full of life and luscious land would be, if Aboriginal people were left alone instead of enslaved and killed..instead they now have to sell land for money to be able support their community who still feel the generational trauma from colonisation!! Without the money selling land provides to help, our people would be homeless, uneducated and living in poverty. The crown land the government grants to land councils are always parcels that are either controversial, unable to be developed, or zoned conservation. So the little land they do have thats able to be sold they need to sell.

    SERIOUSLY It’s your ancestors actions that created this, so really they should be blaming you all for having to sell this land!! They are only following the laws you made our mob follow and your prosecuting them for it???

    They can choose to not sell the land, but then you will see news reports about huge numbers of central coast local Aboriginals homeless and dying. Which is the better option?

    When the government bulldozed thousands of trees along with sacred sites to widen the freeway no one cared, when the new freeway in coffs harbour was bult which damaged a site and killed hundreds of trees none cared, when the golf course and homes at Wyong where developed no one cared.

    But when a land councils wants to sell land to provide funds for their people everyone has a problem!! No one is defaming the organisation that’s bulldozing the trees, that’s right cause their not an Aboriginal organisation and they are their to profit themselves, instead your blaming the organisation that are not for profit and trying to bring benefits to the community??

    When are we going to be given the same rights and opportunities as everyone else? How can so many locals not see what your doing is racism pure and simple, your treating them differently than your treating others!!

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  2. Alfred A Arnold BE MBA former JP | May 8, 2021 at 2:26 pm |

    You have my support and that of all my local friends, As for Adom Crouch I supported him on the council inquiry but this I will not, I am totally disgusted if they want land there is plenty next door in the industrial areas.

  3. I suggest anyone who wonders how much impact Borg Industries, will have on the environment, and everyday living for people in the area, take a trip to Oberon NSW. Belching smoke , 24/7, and constant movement by large trucks. Not just a negative impact on quality of life for existing residents, but yet another nail in the coffin, for Mt Penang Botanic Gardens. A disgracefully underfunded, neglected embarrassment. The opportunity to develop Mt Penang Gardens , as a showcase, is one that various inept councils, have let slip away….and now, it will become just a dirty little clump of greenery, surrounded by factories and heavy traffic. Adam Crouch and his ilk, obviously cannot recognise the incalculable value of our natural assets, and appear to be blind to opportunities to promote the Central Coast in a sustainable way. It makes me sad.

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