Local author publishes new collection of poems

Jill Nevile

A Woy Woy author has recently released her second collection of poems, ‘A Scent of Frangipani’, to help celebrate the beauty of the Central Coast.

In the book, which has been published by Ginninderra Press, Jill Nevile collates the poems into three chapters: Home and Abroad, Personal Poems, and The Lighter Side.

In the first chapter, several of the poems discuss the Coast which references to the Woy Woy waterfront in ‘Among the Mangroves’ and ‘Winter at Ettalong’, with others presenting links to Greece.

In the second chapter, Nevile refers to past loves and pets, before delving into ‘fun’ poems that discuss the lighter side of life, such as the time she mistakenly made Olive Scones instead of bread.

Nevile said this 54-poem collection spans 10 years’ worth of work as she continued to swap out poems, improve them, and take them out ‘if they got a little too personal’.

“I had a previous collection published 11 years ago – A Scent of Pines – so it was time to write another,” Nevile said.

“I’ve always written poetry – even as a child – I like being able to put thoughts and feelings down into a very condensed way.

“It can be a form of therapy – in fact one of the poems in this collection, ‘Poetic Potions’ discusses how you can prescribe your own poems to help get the emotions out.”

As a member of the workshop group, Friday Night Poets, Kill said the suggestions and support of other poets have helped her continue to develop her writing.

Nevile said she has no plans yet to release a third collection of poems as she waits to see the success of this one.

Maisy Rae