Land sale decisions give contradictory signals

Warnervale Airport

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The Administrator continues to attempt to convince the Central Coast community that pockets of green spaces in residential areas must be sold off, but his actions seem to contradict his statements about the financial situation being dire.

On the one hand, we are told that there needs to be quick sales of community assets to cover debt.

On the other hand, acres of land that were on the first tranche for sale, and would result in at least $15M to Council, have been removed from sale by the Administrator.

The recently acquired land for the Performing Art Centre in Gosford, which could have revitalised the city centre and benefitted the entire Central Coast community, wasn’t withdrawn from sale.

The controversial Chappie Pie land, prepared for the Chinese theme park, or was it a Buddhist temple?, was withdrawn by Mr Persson to make way for an airport that will benefit a very small part of the community.

This land has already been on the market for four years and Central Coast Council didn’t seem to be able to, or want to, sell it.

First, the Administrator said it had to be sold.

Then he took it off the market and approved another $5M from restricted funds to be spent on an airport masterplan plus a relocation of the airport club house and a land swap.

How do these decisions by the Administrator reflect the debt emergency?

When you see your green space, hall, bowling green, or local well used car park being sold off, please remember, everything is going to be all right because you can land your plane at the airport for only $9.

Email, May 7
Joy Cooper, Green Point