Exorbitant charges

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We are currently trying to build a house on the Central Coast, and after a five-week wait, have been asked to pay $1,750 to review our development application.

On top of that, there’s another $563 for a 307 Certificate in which we are asked to pay for maintenance costs for relining Council sewer infrastructure that we ultimately pay for the use of in water rates.

There’s also $166 for a flood certificate.

I’m sure we are not finished yet.

If we multiply this by every new home on the Coast, and rates for every property, then you would have to question how Council could be in the position it is currently in.

Despite the (former administrator) Dick Persson Show, how can we expect councillors to pick up on discrepancies that professional auditors did not?

I think the whole think stinks.

Email, May 15
Ross Mitchell, Ourimbah

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