Council fees and charges to rise

Hiring fees for Laycock St Community Theatre will remain the same

A local aircraft not being used as a business will see an increase to its landing fees at Warnervale Airport next financial year of 15 cents.

A plane up to 700kgs take-off weight will pay $9 per landing or per 20-minute block for circuits.

That’s an increase of 15 cents on this year’s $8.85 fee.

For most of the Warnervale airport fees, the increase is 1.5 per cent across the board in Central Coast Council’s proposed fees and charges for next financial year.

By comparison, cricket practice nets fees per net per hour would go up by 87 cents: from $17.40 to $18.27.

That’s an increase of five per cent.

For most sporting fees, the increase is five per cent across the board.

A fine for sports bodies using a reserve or park without permission has gone up $25 from $500 to $525.

In total there are 155 pages of fees and charges attached to the Council’s budget or operational plan for next financial year.

The documents are currently open to the public for comment until May 26.

Fees cover everything from childcare to internment rates.

It will cost another $8 next year to release a car from impounding; that takes the cost to $360.

In contrast, a compliance certificate for a dangerous dog enclosure will go down next year if the draft is adopted.

It is now $158 and could drop back down to $150.

Bookings for halls look like being cheaper in some instances while it is proposed that next year the costs for public hiring of Laycock St Community Theatre remain the same as this year.

The $550 it cost this year to be a member of Central Coast Stadium is missing from next year’s fees and charges.

Monthly reserved parking at Baker St Carpark, now actually named Gosford City Car Park, is proposed to increase from $120 a month to $195 a month for level one parking.

The higher levels jump from $86 to $130.

And it’s going to cost more to deal with death: from $460 to $470 for interment costs and a standard bronze plaque goes up by $12 to $322.

Lodgement of application to install a manufactured home on a residential property remains the same at $368.

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate Inspection (private pools) remains the same at $150.

Child care fees have gone up but are different for different centres.

Application for Minor Vegetation Works Permit (Trees only) for removing up to five individual trees will cost $220 for two trees or less, plus $110 for each extra tree excluding GST.

This is up from $200 and $100 this year.

Fee for a Complying Development Certificate, mandatory inspections and issue of the Occupation Certificate has gone up.

For example a detached studio now costs $1,800.

It is proposed to increase that to $2,015.

Biosecurity Inspection – now $150 per hour or part thereof – is proposed to increase to $160.

Membership fees have gone up for Wyong and Toukley pools but not for the Woy Woy’s Peninsula Leisure Centre.

Food Shops Annual Administration charge will go up with the base rate to be $266, up from $255 this year.

Outdoor dining areas now pay an application fee of $376 and that is proposed to increase to $382.

To have your say on the proposed fees and charges for next year go to:

Merilyn Vale

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  1. C. Private | May 9, 2021 at 6:20 pm |

    I am a self funded retiree, widowed aged 76 years old. I am in poor health, about to have another spinal operation and I am struggling financially on a very low income. Next year my income will reduce further because of losses incurred during Covid and these are continuing. I am living in my own home and pay rates of $620 per quarter. I just cannot cope with a 15% rise. This threat is causing me huge anxiety. I find it very unfair that I am being held responsible for the errors of judgement made by others.

  2. W. Knuttle | May 17, 2021 at 9:03 pm |

    Yes i know of a self proffessed guru developer who is already taking advantage of councils reduced staff….. and the result is the ongoing suffering of the community . How will council manage this type of opportunist and protect the rights of others to enjoy their home and community without inappropriate and offensive development harrassing their amenity?

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