Central Coast birth directory: your guide to empowered birth

Central Coast Birth Directory

Welcome to the Central Coast birth directory, written in collaboration with Michelle Michelle Nicolaou-Newman from Mammabearth Preconception to Postpartum and Jenna Logan from The Seed Collective.

Birth can be such a wonderful experience if a woman has adequate support in preparing and recovering from it. Regardless of how or where a woman chooses to birth, what is abundantly clear in the research is that how she is treated by her caregivers during this period is one of the biggest determining factors of how satisfied she will be with the overall experience.

We have some incredibly skilled and well renowned birth practitioners and support specialists up here on the coast and this guide has been collated with the wellbeing of the birthing woman in mind.

Central Coast birth options

One of the first decisions that has to be made is where and with whom to birth. I’ve discussed the substantial benefits of the ‘continuity of care’ model earlier in the series – the gold standard of care for birthing women according to the literature. Here are the options available within this model, here on the Central Coast (best to book in quickly as there are often waiting lists due to their overwhelmingly positive feedback)!

Homebirth Midwives

Karyn Besley – Central Coast & Hunter Region
Tracy Pyle & Heidi Williams – Central Coast Homebirth
Helen Young – Homebirth with Helen

Midwifery Group Practice

Midwifery Group Practice – Wyong and Gosford Hospitals
Wyong Birthing Centre

Birth Doulas

Michelle Nicolaou-Newman – Mammabearth Preconception to Postpartum
Jenna Logan – The Seed Collective
Gemma Wilson – Birthability
Katie Kempster – Harmonic Hypnobirthing
Saskia Meijer – Birth Centred
Elise Hunter – The Power of Pregnancy
Julia Mcleod – Central Coast Doula
Amy Roumanous – Amy Roumanous
Laura LaGinestra – Better Birth Doula
Sammi Zajko – Sammi Zajko Holistic Counselling & Therapy Services

Pregnancy support

Pregnancy is such a special time and often requires some focus and preparation to enable a smooth, empowered birth experience. Here are some of the best local resources to optimise wellbeing during this period:

Empowered birth education

Katie Kempster – Harmonic Hypnobirthing
Kate Corbett – The Wonders Within
Gemma Wilson – Birthability

Prenatal exercise

Umina Beach Yoga, Umina
Excelsia Studios, Erina
Amy Roumanous Pilates, Avoca Beach
Pheonix Pilates, Kincumber
Central Coast Physiolates, Holgate
Lisiane Mcdonald, Modern Organic, Long Jetty
Healthy Bumps Exercise Physiology, North Avoca
Yoga Inlight –  Norah Head
Reform Pilates – Toukley

Women’s body work (pregnancy & postpartum specialists)

Claire Dunn – Luna Physiotherapy, Daley Point
Tara Mckenzie – Central Coast Physiolates, Physiotherapy, Holgate
Laura Jones – Coastal Massage, Lisarow (offers mobile service)
Astrid Cattoen – Temple Oasis, Umina Beach
Deb Sirone – Nurture Me, Berkeley Vale
Sharleen Morgan – Avani Women’s Body Work, Long Jetty
Terrigal Bodyworks, Terrigal

Osteopathic / Chiropractic

Katia Schlebusch – Osteopath, In Tune Health Care, Wyoming 
Eva Khul – Multi Dimensional Craniosacral therapy, Point Clare
Lisa Shelton – Women’s Health Chiroprator, McMasters Beach & Erina
Lisa Vaughn – Osteopath, Bateau Bay
Dr. Jorge Chavez – Chiropractor, Health HQ, Erina
Toni Fountain – Wholistic Chiropractor, Brisbane Water Spine Centre
Rachel Swan – Evolve Chiropractic, Erina
Platinum Chiropractic, Erina
Central Coast Spinal Care, West Gosford, North Wyong, Green Point
Terrigal Chiropractic, Terrigal


Zoe Papadatos – Eunoia Acupuncture, Erina
Rachelle Wagstaff – The Central Coast Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic, North Gosford
Francis Browne – 5 Elements Health, East Gosford
Rebecca Sheather – CC Body Mechanics, East Gosford

Integrative Doctors  

Nicole Avard – Next practice, Erina
Dr Christabelle Yeoh – Invitation to Health, Wyoming
Dr Carolina Munoz – Invitation to Health, Wyoming
Dr Penny Caldicott – Invitation to Health, Wyoming

Holistic Dentists

Dr Vijaya Molloy – Vitality Dental, Tuggerah
Dr Steven Lin – Luminous Dentistry, Long Jetty

Naturopaths / Herbalists / Homeopaths

Julie McNab (Homeopath, Naturopath, TCM) – Central Coast Natural Therapies, East Gosford
Odette Huxley (Homeopath, Naturopath) – Central Coast Body Mechanics, East Gosford
Fran Sheffield (Homeopath) – Homeopathy Plus, Tuggerah
Michelle Townsend (Naturopath, Herbalist) – Terrigal Chiropractic, Terrigal
Lisa Turnbull (Naturopath, Hormonal health, Psychotherapist) – Meraki Wellness Centre, Erina
Jarrah Eddy (Naturopath) – Next Practice, Erina
Diane Arundell (Naturopath) – Avoca Naturopath, Avoca
James Marr (Naturopath, Herbalist) – James Marr Naturopathy, Erina


Beth Pupovac – Terrigal Chiropractic, Terrigal
Alison Filihia – The Bloom Collective, Erina

Postpartum support services

As we’ve discussed previously in this birth series, this sacred window is a foundational one, which can impact a mother’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for many years to come. It is critical that a new mother receives additional support during this time and there are plenty of local services to choose from in this vein:

Breastfeeding Support

Kate Visser – Milky Business
Kate Corbett – The Wonders Within
Linda Rayment – Lactation Linda 
Rachelle Wagstaff – The Central Coast Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic

Postpartum doulas / support

Michelle Nicolaou-Newman – Mammabearth Preconception to Postpartum
Jenna Logan – The Seed Collective
Gemma Wilson – Birthability
Julia McLeod – Central Coast Doula
Laura LaGinestra – Better Birth Doula
Rachelle Wagstaff – The Central Coast Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic
Sammi Zajko – Sammi Zajko Holistic Counselling & Therapy Services

Closing of the bones ceremony

Michelle Nicolaou-Newman – Mammabearth Preconception to Postpartum
Laura Jones – Coastal Massage (offers mobile service)

Postpartum Meal Service

Meals4Mummas – Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney
Holism Health Co. – Newcastle, Central Coast

Postnatal Exercise

Luna Physiotherapy, Daleys Point
Central Coast Physiolates, Holgate
Umina Beach Yoga, Umina
The Yoga Collective, Erina
Excelsia Studios, Erina
Modern Organic, Long Jetty
Belle Movement, Ettalong
Reform Pilates, Toukley

Parent Coaching & Support

Alita Blanchard – The Aware Mama
Nikki Smith – Earthway Parenting
Michelle Nicolaou-Newman – Mammabearth Preconception to Postpartum

Grief & Loss Support

Georgia Lienemann

Alita Blanchard – The Aware Mama
Sammi Zajko Holistic Counselling & Therapy Services
SANDS 24/7 phone support
Gidget House

Women’s Shelters/Refuge

Neleh House – Woy Woy
Kara Women/Children’s Refuge – Gosford
Elandra Women/Children’s Refuge – Toukley

We’ll be expanding on this guide over the coming months, so if you have any suggestions in this vein – please get in touch by emailing info@stirringchange.com.

Georgia is a clinically trained nutritionist, wholefoods chef, columnist and mum. She’s been featured in Body & Soul and had TV appearances on ABC Breakfast and Studio 10 for her unique approach to food and health. She’s known for reinventing traditional foods for the modern kitchen and was instrumental in a radical new approach to sports nutrition with a program for the NRL Parramatta Eels, kickstarting their ascent on the ladder in recent years. Find out more at stirringchange.com.