Budget does nothing for stagnant wages

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Scomo from Marketing and his sidekick, Josh from Finance, have delivered a big spending Budget that contains all this help for women who were the hardest hit financially by the pandemic because the vast majority are in low paid, casualised work.

The Budget promises huge amounts to aged care; the parents of children in childcare but not one cent in wage rises.

All money goes to the aged care providers and in tax cuts to the parents.

How does that help the women who asked for a 25 percent pay rise in aged care get further ahead and what about the low paid women in childcare?

Why didn’t the Federal Government expand its Public Service and give them a pay rise?

These are occupations that many women would be eligible to work in.

There would be a flow-on effect across the economy if the Federal Government took these steps.

Yes, we want more women in the workforce but still only in occupations where we can guarantee that we can suppress their incomes so that they will struggle and remain poor.

We know we need them to look after our children and the elderly but we have shown, yet again, that we don’t really value them.

Nothing the Federal Government has done will help the stagnant wage scales in Australia, hence we will all still feel that we are not getting ahead, nor is life improving, because costs are outstripping our incomes.

Email, May 24
Sue Wynn, Mannering Park