Thank you mystery 20yo

Funding in budget for Gosford Police Station upgrade

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We are a senior couple and (recently had) a day trip today to Gosford.

We are frequent visitors to Gosford as we go there for haircuts and dentist.

I got out of the car and without realising dropped my phone into the gutter.

Someone handed it in to Gosford Police station almost straight away.

When we went to claim it we were so happy and relieved to have it back.

I wanted to thank the person who found it, but the police could not give out a name because of privacy reasons.

I did find out that it was a young man about 20 years old, and I am so delighted to know that there is a young person out there that would do such a kindness.

It has renewed my faith in human nature, and I wanted to say thank you to whoever it is and wish him well in life.

Email, Mar 30
Bronwyn Willits, Sydney