Special rate variations continue forever

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The burden of a special rate variation will continue long after liability for Central Coast Council debt is paid down.

Pre amalgamation in 2013-2016, Wyong ratepayers also had a special rate variation of 6.99 percent, inclusive of the annual set rate peg imposed on them, for the purpose of funding a $40M infrastructure backlog.

Unfortunately, the special component was not separately itemised on our rates notice, so therefore the cost to us for this, never ever reached finality, to coincide with the ratepayers’ liability for the $40M target being met in full in 2015.

Finality has never been granted by city hall.

The accumulated figure for this special rate change has permanently remained as an undetectable residual in Wyong’s ordinary base rate figure.

In conjunction with harmonization, an adjustment should take effect.

Therefore, the Wyong figures overstated and overpriced and the forementioned burden is ongoing year after year.

It is a constant impost and represents unethical invoicing rationale.

This describes the nature of the beast of such permanency.

Remarkably Mr. Persson is enacting the same routine wherein his February 9 press release, he confirms that his proposed special rate increase will “then remain permanently in the rate base.”

The final impediment is set to continue.

I have a fear that the Minister and IPART will allow such matters to go through to the keeper.

Another thorn in the side for this area’s already poor socio-economic status.

Email, Apr 6
G.C Hansen, Lake Munmorah