NSW Government sleepwalking

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Contrary to the views of Lucy Wicks, Adam Crouch and the Administrator, I am sure that the Liberal Party Central Coast Council amalgamation was a failure of their making.

This is because they simply overlooked all levels of Government management that should have been actioned to manage the amalgamation.

It is way too simplistic and perhaps naive for the Administrator lay it all at the feet of the councillors.

The operation of Wyong and Gosford Councils comes under the Local Government Act, the public Finance and Audit Act and the control of the NSW State Government which has a Minister for Local Government, the Treasurer and the NSW Audit Office (which is supposed to audit the operations of Local Government).

Over the time periods that have been addressed in the Administrator’s report, from before the amalgamation, both Wyong and Gosford (councils) were under the control of the NSW Liberal Government without a doubt.

It is also apparent that the implementation of the Liberal Government amalgamation policy, a major change to normal council operations should, as part of that policy, (have) been closely overseen and managed by the NSW Liberal Government.

The fact is it was not.

The Administrator does not address the many layers of government, checks and balances that should have been in place.

Nor does he address the apparent “newness” of many of the councillors and the important need to assist and manage them through the amalgamation.

The councillors (though not without blame) and the ratepayers were seriously let down by the NSW Liberal Government in its ineffective management.

This is not an issue that the Liberal Party can put a smoke screen over in a glib report and lay it all at the feet of the councillors.

The anger of residents arises from the fact that the Liberal Government simply failed to properly manage the councils before and during amalgamation, without a doubt.

Where was the Treasurer? Where was the Minister for Local Government? Where was the Auditor General?

It is apparent that the NSW Liberal Government was sleepwalking before and throughout the amalgamation process and is trying to deflect attention from their failed policy implementation.

Email, April 24
Kevin Chaloner, Empire Bay