Launch of local unicycle club

Saturday mornings will be off to a fresh start with the launch of a new unicycle club at Woy Woy’s Peninsula Community Centre.

The Club will meet and train on Saturday’s between 9:30am and 10:45am with all ages and abilities encouraged to come along.

Unicycles of all sizes will be available for participants to use.

Coach, Andy Long, said he has been riding unicycles for many years and is excited by the club’s launch.

“It’s been my dream to start a local unicycle club, and this is the perfect location,” Long said.

“We started with a few people and now get quite a crowd coming to have a go!”

The Club will meet with the Central Coast Lions Unicycle Hockey team – one of only a few unicycle hockey teams in Australia – to help support the riders.

Team sponsor, Jody Weir from Next Level Agility, said the team is growing and will soon be competing at the national level.

“We started with lots of keen people who had unicycles but only a handful knew how to ride them,” Weir said.

“We are making great progress every week … the only current qualification to join the team is a willingness to give it a go.”

More details about the program are available on the Roundabout Circus website.

Media release, Mar 14
Woy Woy Unicycle Hockey Club