Heritage Week celebrated

Chapman Building part of the Australian Heritage Festival

Central Coast Council is partnering with the Wyong Family History Group to deliver four guided heritage walking tours in the Wyong Town Centre.

These tours will run between 11am and 12:30pm on April 10, May 2, May 11, and May 16.

Historic decals have been placed in a number of locations around the Coast, providing information on the area’s rich history and culture.

Other events on the Central Coast for Heritage Week include a photo collection of the work of the late Les Allen being displayed until April 30, giving locals a chance to relive the days of Australian Rock and Roll.

In the 60’s and 70’s, Allen took photographs of just about every performance of every artist who played at the Central Coast Leagues Club.

The collection includes performance photos of icons such as Dinah Lee, Digger Revell, Johnny O’Keefe, Little Pattie, Sandy Scott and many more.

The collection was preserved by Central Coast Library and it contains unique photos that capture the sixties’ and seventies’ mood and give a real sense of energy that made up these events.

Central Coast Libraries will also be inviting locals to join a project between Central Coast Library Service and the State Library of NSW called Central Coast Voices.

During the 1980’s and 90’s, multiple interviews were recorded with long time residents of the Central Coast using extremely delicate cassette tapes.

These tapes are so prone to breaking that the interviews were not listened to for up to 40 years and the mere act of playing them could result in permanently losing them.

A recent Central Coast Library digitization project has helped unlock and preserve the content, allowing the voices of local identities, teachers, farmers, bullock drivers and war veterans to be once again heard.

Central Coast Library invites the community to listen to these interviews and help text correct the machine transcriptions on a very easy to use platform.

Harry Mulholland