Disabled Surfers’ Association to feature in The Story of Help

Gary Blaschke (centre)

The Central Coast Branch of the Disabled Surfers’ Association, founded by Lake Munmorah resident Gary Blaschke, is being featured in an upcoming edition of NRMA’s Story of Help article about their organisation.

The Story of Help article, which is part of the NRMA’s social media campaign, is showcasing the efforts of the Disabled Surfers’ Association and how it is helping disabled individuals enjoy the ocean in a safe, and controlled manner.

The photo shoot for the article was held on April 10 at Toowoon Bay, where about 30 people gathered to showcase what the Disabled Surfers’ Association does for the community.

“Story of Help has been going for two years now and it’s all about sourcing local stories about people who have gone out of their way to make a difference in their community,” said Storyation Content Assistant, Nate Warburton.

The event was meant to be held at Umina Beach but was moved to Toowoon Bay due to debris on the beach.

The NRMA’s Story of Help series is a non-commercial hub for articles, and is a joint effort between the NRMA, Storyation, and creative agency, The Monkeys, who developed the Help Platform.

The Disabled Surfers’ Association was established in 1986 by Lake Munmorah resident, Gary Blaschke, after he had a motorcycle accident in which he lost his kneecap and undertook extensive rehabilitation.

Blaschke saw a gap that he could fill by helping surfers with disabilities, from asthma to paraplegia and everything in between, to get back in the water.

This vision quickly spread to cover all kinds of disabilities and different branches across the East Coast.

Harry Mulholland