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Gosford's Council Chambers.

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On the way to work I car pool at the Kariong carpark site, like many from the Central Coast.

Sadly, it’s depressing to notice how second rate it actually looks; the carpark looks filthy and the variety of weeds in the so-called garden sites are up to two meters tall nearly hiding the clearly marked Central Coast Council bins.

These are similar to the concrete traffic islands between some of our major roads and footpaths on the Central Coast; there are trees growing out of them and the so-called gardens have not been maintained for years.

It looks atrocious, like the excess potholes in suburban roads and unkempt local parks.

These sites were maintained by Central Coast Council at one stage but now they are forgotten.

Being a rate payer for 20 years I truly cannot find value for the rates I pay, and the thought having to pay 15 per cent more in the near future (makes me) extremely frustrated and angry with the Council management.

The Council’s $565M (debt) debacle is not the ratepayers’ fault.

Were the councillors, FMO and senior Council management aware (of it)?

If so, why didn’t they attempt to fix the financial problematic issues earlier after the Council merger?

Those still suspended from Council should remain (suspended) and I am in full support of an independent judicial inquiry to open up Council’s past financial lack of management and the irresponsible decision making made by those in charge.

Hopefully a new, smaller group of councillors will be elected in the near future without political biases (and) a view to improve the Central Coast.

Let’s hope the NSW State Government learns from its mistakes (in) merging large councils not ready, and under poor management.

Email, Apr 11
Peter Carroll, Hamlyn Terrace

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  1. Mark Smith | April 19, 2021 at 8:13 am |

    In an Email, Apr 11 Peter Carroll of Hamlyn Terrace mentions the poor state of the Kariong commuter car park. The amount of rubbish, discarded computer equipment, car parts, and various other item of household junk is a disgrace.

    Who put it all there? It doesn’t walk or drive there by itself.

    It’s about time people stopped blaming Council for the disgraceful state of roadsides and started acting responsibly and disposing of rubbish in the correct manner. Yes, Council has the responsibility of cleaning up the roadside on behalf of residents but residents also have a responsibility to dispose of heir rubbish legally.

    I was told that Council was removing up to 8 tonnes of rubbish from that car park every week. That is the depressing issue. Don’t blame those that are a part of the solution. Blame those that cause the problem.

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