Community land should not be sold

Central Coast Council Administrator, Dick Persson (right) and CEO David Farmer

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Letter to Dick Persson

I, along with many residents and ratepayers of the Central Coast, have long written about why we live on our Coast.

I have raised issues directly with you, and in our local tabloids, of over development and population growth and the impacts this has on all segments of our life, our way of life, our bushland and our beaches.

They are the three top reasons why most choose to live on the Central Coast.

I understand the need to sell off certain lands due to the financial situation we find ourselves in, due to very poor management of council after council.

Yet this process is exactly why the community has had issues with former Council decisions and now some of your decisions.

The lack of transparency and community consultation would be the main reason why ratepayers are up in arms.

These decisions may in fact raise questions about the appointment of the new CEO, David Farmer, and why many of those implicated in the financial mismanagement are still in their positions.

You may pretend that the ratepayers have had ample opportunity to understand the complexities of what you are about to approve, yet I do not believe this to be true.

The sale of Council lands and community spaces, especially those of environmentally significant value, should never be part of any fire sale.

In fact, I and many others objected to the reclassification of Community Lands into Operational Lands only a few years ago.

Community Land is as the name indicates “Community Land” and much of our lands have been high jacked by unscrupulous and greedy developers, under the guise of jobs and moving forward.

As I have personally raised with you (in respect of) the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 and or the Greater Lake Munmorah Strategic Plan, without a response, once lost, these lands will never return.

For you to leave the Coast after such a short time with such proposals would leave an indelible bad taste with many of the ratepayers of the Central Coast.

In fact, it would further the divide between the community and any future council or administrator.

Whether it is an economic decision or not, it will be seen as a political decision that will not be forgotten at the next elections.

I personally object to any sale of community lands or sensitive environmental lands such as wetlands and the like, until genuine and transparent Community Consultation is completed.

There is no need to complete a fire sale to assist our financial dilemmas, especially if the new CEO. and others are not fully aware of the concerns of the entire community.

If we are now truly all one region (the Central Coast) we must all be made aware of any significant sales of what I would describe as a community asset.

Email, Apr 25
Gary Blashke, OAM, Lake Munmorah

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  1. “much of our lands have been high jacked by unscrupulous and greedy developers, under the guise of jobs and moving forward.”

    Agreed, an example of this is the development beside Bundeena Rd Berkeley Vale where pristine temperate rainforest bushland was destroyed to make way for another housing development, despite a vigorous campaign against the development by local residents. Extra ratepayer money for council at the cost of a rare and unique native environment. One has to wonder what Mr Persson has in mind for the rest of the coast.

  2. Les Graham | May 3, 2021 at 7:48 am |

    I understand that a park/reserve known as drummer parry park is to be sold. Stop this nonsense this is our history. I see the long standing park sign has already been removed
    The property department needs to be hauled before the ICAC now follow the money and find the brown paper bags will uncover the rorts

  3. Les Graham | May 3, 2021 at 7:50 am |

    The previous comment refers to the park near rivearer rd terrigal

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