An airport 127kms away is not ‘on our doorstep’

Warnervale Airport

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An article in Central Coast Community News (CCN 287), Greater Sydney Commission outlines keys to unlocking growth on the Coast.

How will this new organisation propose to align and interreact with Central Coast Council, Regional Development Australia, Central Coast (RDACC) and Central Coast Business Chamber?

I am bewildered by the statement of Jackie Taranto, who noted “the huge opportunity for the Central Coast when the new airport opens in Western Sydney in 2026” (as stated in the article).

“We will have a 24/7 airport on our doorstep, opening up an economic corridor straight up here” she said.

It raises the question, does Taranto actually know where the Central Coast is geographically located relevant to the Western Sydney airport?

According to Google Maps the distance from Tuggerah Business Park (on the Central Coast) to the proposed Western Sydney Airport is 127km or 1hour and 33 minutes’ drive.

In contrast the distance from Tuggerah Business Park to the already operating and well-established Sydney Airport is 112km or 1 hour 28 minutes and the distance to Newcastle Airport is 90.6 km or 1hour and 5 minutes.

Perhaps businesses requiring an airport to get their product to export markets would favour the development of Warnervale Airport that is only 14.4km or 15 minutes’ drive from Tuggerah Business Park.

Central Coast Council has run hot and cold over the potential development of this airport for several years.

Email, Apr 11
Dennis Silvers, Narara