$26M funding provided for infrastructure projects

Louisiana Rd, Hamlyn Terrace and the Pacific Highway intersection at Chain Valley Bay Rd are two projects to benefit from more than $26M in NSW Government funding for improvements to water infrastructure and local roads.

Stormwater drainage and safety improvements at Louisiana Rd will include culverts to manage flooding, road reconstruction, lighting and a shared pathway, at a cost of $800,000.

Another $500,000 is being allocated to begin planning for the Chain Valley Bay Rd intersection upgrade, which will provide safer access to the Pacific Highway and unlock the opportunity for more homes in the northern part of the Central Coast.

The remaining $25.5M will go towards sewerage gravity mains, sewerage pressure mains, two new pumping stations and an upgrade to an existing pumping station to support 5,000 new homes in the Gosford CBD.

Parliamentary Secretary for Central Coast, Adam Crouch, said this funding to Central Coast Council was vital for largely unseen infrastructure needed as the community grew.

“Up to 2041 the region’s population is expected to increase by 95,250 and we need to provide the essential infrastructure now to accommodate this growth,” he said.

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes, said the projects were supported by the Housing Acceleration Fund and the Voluntary Planning Agreements Program.

The Housing Acceleration Program is a $1.3B fund for 56 transport, water, wastewater, drainage and community infrastructure projects in metropolitan and regional areas to accelerate housing delivery.

The Voluntary Planning Agreements Program provides funding from development contributions to councils and state agencies to help deliver state infrastructure including roads, regional open space and social infrastructure and facilities.

This new funding totalling $26.8M builds on a $42M funding announcement in 2018 for water and sewer upgrades in Warnervale and Gosford, two of the region’s hotspots.

Media release, Apr 12
Parliamentary Secretary Central Coast, Adam Crouch