Upgrade for Pretty Beach PS oval

Pretty Beach Public School is set to upgrade its oval to create an all- purpose, all-weather space for students, following a successful grant submission.

The school secured funding through the NSW Department of Education’s Regional Renewal Project after it was argued the upgrade remained relevant to the needs of the school.

Principal, Karen Wardlaw, said it was “very exciting” to share the news at the school’s first P&C meeting of the year.

“The concept design for our upgrade was co-constructed through consultation with the school P&C (members), who unanimously voted to approve the design,” Wardlaw said.

“I look forward to sharing more information regarding planned progress as soon as it becomes available.

“I can’t express how thrilled I am with this news!”

The scope and timeline of the project has been initially discussed between senior staff, with the design to be finetuned in the coming months.

Wardlaw said the school’s water management issue has also been addressed in the concept plan.

“The proposal to integrate synthetic turf should significantly reduce the ongoing water erosion damage our oval currently experiences,” Wardlaw said.

“We’ve also incorporated surrounding garden beds with gravel, stone and sand elements to help reduce water run-off.

“Rather than simply considering re-turfing our oval, we creatively considered how to construct purposeful play spaces and engaging garden areas for students to sit, chat, engage in quiet or imaginative play.”

Newsletter, Mar 4
Pretty Beach Public School