Two Flood Risk Management Studies and Plans adopted

Flood prone land under water at Kangy Angy

Central Coast Council has adopted two Flood Risk Management Studies and Plans, one for the Killarney Vale/Long Jetty area and one for the Wallarah Creek catchment areas.

The catchments include the suburbs of Bateau Bay, Shelly Beach, Long Jetty, Killarney Vale, sections of The Entrance, Blue Haven, Wallarah, Bushells Ridge, parts of Doyalson, San Remo, Charmhaven and Woongarrah.

Administrator, Dick Persson, said the adoption of the plans do not have any immediate financial impact on Council.

“The purpose of these types of studies and plans is to provide options to better manage the existing, future and continuing flood risk,” he said.

“This is done through various measures including helping to build community resilience, mitigation works, emergency management plans, flood warning processes, land use planning and suitable design of infrastructure and buildings.

“Now that these studies and plans have been adopted, the options identified are eligible for grant funding from the NSW Government, which typically requires a one-third funding commitment from Council.

“Many of the options identified here do not involve capital works, with 11 out of the 15 shortlisted recommendations for Killarney Vale/Long Jetty along with the five high priority options for Wallarah Creek only requiring staff resources to implement,” Persson said.

Council secured funding from the NSW Government to prepare the Flood Risk Management Plan for the Killarney Vale/Long Jetty and Wallarah Creek catchments in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Media release, Mar 9
Central Coast Council