Tree and Vegetation Vandalism Management Policy adopted

Many of the trees in Mazlin Reserve were dead or dying in 2018

Vandalism of trees and vegetation is now being managed in a consistent approach across the region following the adoption of a Central Coast policy at Council’s meeting on February 23.

Former Gosford Council had a tree vandalism management policy, however, no such policy was in place in the former Wyong Shire.

The new Central Coast Tree and Vegetation Vandalism Management Policy sets out a range of measures to deter and respond to unlawful damage of trees and vegetation on both private and public land where Council has authority.

It was on public exhibition from September to October 2020, with no objections and many comments of support.

“It was great to see positive community feedback on this policy,” Administrator, Dick Persson, said.

“This policy reinforces Council’s commitment to protecting our natural environment and gives us a range of tools, including education and enforcement, to manage unlawful damage to trees and vegetation.

“I know how important the natural environment is to our community who don’t want to see it destroyed by vandals.

“It is unacceptable, and a problem faced by many councils, but our Council’s policy will ensure that we have a consistent approach to deterring vandalism in the first place and with stronger enforcement measures.

“It is a sensible approach considering how hard it is to catch people in the act of vandalism and we will continue to work with Police and the community on the best solution.

“I am also interested to know just how widespread it is here on the Coast, so I am asking for more investigation into that to see if there is anything further that we can do to make the policy even stronger,” Persson said.

Media release, Feb 24
Central Coast Council