Tesch’s comments will alienate most men

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While women’s right to be respected, live without fear and with equality is without doubt a fundamental of modern society, I was very disappointed in the article in CCN284.

This was not a women’s rights protest; it was a Labor/left political stunt aimed at denigrating men and the Liberal government as demonstrated by Leisel Tesch’s comments.

In particular, I was offended by our elected representative’s comments that “white, privileged men cannot continue to get away with everything”.

She is denigrating and alienating almost half the Central Coast voters.

In the article there was no mention from either Leisel or Aunty Robyn of the horrendous level of domestic violence against indigenous women.

If Ms Tesch is serious about preventing violence against women, she needs to address the biggest source of violence against women and not alienate the millions of white male voters who were brought up to respect, protect and support women wherever they can.

Email, Mar 22
Scott Jones, Somersby

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  1. I fully support the need for women to safe in the home, work and socially but it should not become an ‘us and them’.
    Most men are supportive and caring not reflecting the stereotype portrayed.

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