Kayak clean up

Members of Kayak Central Coast at Fagans Bay

The kayaks were out in force at Fagans Bay on March 7, but it wasn’t just for fun.

A group of 10 kayakers from the Kayak Central Coast Social Paddle Group took to the water with the goal of cleaning up the area for Clean Up Australia Day.

Each of them donned gloves and lifejackets, pulling over 20kgs of litter and debris from the water’s edge.

They piled it into an empty kayak which was towed along as a rubbish barge and disposed of it once back at Gosford Sailing Club, taking the recycling with them.

Among the rubbish collected were containers, plastic bags, straws, packaging, styrofoam, a deck chair and tennis balls of different sizes.

“We are ecologically minded and have a strong appreciation for our local Central Coast community, waterways and environment,” a spokesperson said.

“A kayak allows us a unique opportunity to clean up and explore areas of our waterways that are not accessible by boat, car or foot.

“The KCC Group is planning to continue running regular clean up paddles across the Central Coast to keep our waterways beautiful.

“If you know of any local waterways which need a clean up please email andrewgib9@gmail.com.

Media release, Mar 8
Kayak Central Coast