Just clean the pipes

Gosford's Council Chambers.

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There are only phone numbers to ring on the “yourvoiceourcoast.com/woy-woy-floodplain” site.

So, this is my written submission as a resident who does not agree that a “Flood Plain Risk Management Plan” (for the Woy Woy catchment) is needed.

Nothing so complicated and time and money wasting is necessary, I believe.

My suggestion is that street by street underground pipe cleaning be done regularly – as it was done in Lovell Rd last year.

In other words, the “plan” should be to DO something as soon as water starts to come up over any particular road.

Identify the roads.

Send a crew like the one that came to Lovell Rd last year and fix the problem.

Provide all our streets with gutters to help with the process.

(The Council team who did the clean out in my street has fixed the flooding problem that occurred regularly over seven years, keeping me housebound every time.)

Reasonably heavy rain overnight and persisting through the next day always meant Lovell Rd became “Lovell Lake.”

Such a clean out of pipes should have been done seven years ago.

I do not understand why it wasn’t.

The flooding will not occur if the underground storm pipes are cleaned on a regular basis.

Just that one thing is needed: action to provide regular underground pipe clean outs.

Email, Feb 23
Maggie Bartlett, Umina Beach