Homeschooling families thrive

Vivienne’s children (Ellie, Olivia and Amelia) with some of the Solar Buddy kits assembled by homeschool students on the Central Coast

During COVID-19 restrictions, home education became the new norm; but for many Central Coast families, homeschooling was something that, as a family, they had already adopted.

Vivienne Fox from Avoca Beach has homeschooled her five children for their entire education, and she wants to let other parents know there is a support network for them if they decide to do the same.

To stay connected with other homeschooling families, Fox joined the Facebook page, Central Coast Home Educators CCHomeed Community.

She said her children have now moved on to further education at TAFE and University, in IT, Science, Media and Communications, Hospitality Management, and Theology, and Employment.

“We are a very active, diverse community and have over 1000 member families,” Fox said.

“We provide lots of support and have a wide range of activities each week.

“New home school families are welcome.”

Fox said before COVID, many parents were nervous and unaware of how to homeschool, but the closing of school required them to try it.

“It is not for everyone and every family, but when people were forced into home education, they realised it is a great idea,” Fox said.

“A lot of people have stayed since COVID.”

Fox is also a volunteer with the Home Education Association.

“Home education allows families to learn together, tailoring a program to follow children’s learning styles and interests,” she said.

“The Coast is a paradise for home education, with a great community and so many natural resources and educational opportunities, such as the Reptile Park, theatres and the Art Gallery, and an enjoyable train ride from Sydney opportunities – museums, the Opera House and more.”

Working with the Home Education Association, Fox said an activity the children have been doing together has been the Solar Buddy program.

The Solar Buddy Kits enables students to put together a solar light and write a letter to a student living in energy poverty.

“53 Solar Buddy kits have been assembled during February by our local homeschool community,” she said.

Go to Vivienne Fox’s Facebook page, Central Coast Home Educators CCHomeed Community, or contact the Home Education Association helpline on 1300729991.

Jacinta Counihan