Deafening silence from Resources Minister on PEP11

Save Our Coast’s beach rally at Umina beach attracted 1800 locals in May 2019

Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, says the Federal Government has “let down” the people of the Peninsula, with no decision yet having been made on the renewal of the PEP11 permit for offshore gas and oil drilling.

Advent Energy’s PEP 11 renewal application for the permit, which expired on February 12, would allow oil and gas exploration drilling off the NSW coast from the Sydney basin to Port Stephens, with the Central Coast a likely site and fears any drilling would impact the marine life and amenity of Peninsula beaches.

Pressure is mounting on Federal Resources minister Keith Pitt to make a final decision after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing his opposition to renewing the licence on March 4.

With a recommendation from Deputy Premier John Barilaro that the licence not be renewed and staunch opposition to extension from the NSW Government, Federal Labor Party and many Coalition MPs, residents and community groups are agitating for a speedy decision.

“Minister Pitt’s failure to reject the project when the license expired on February 12 is just another disappointment to add to the list,” Tesch said.

“Our waterways and marine life are the very heart of the Peninsula and the entire Central Coast and crucial to our economy.

“Our natural assets and our unique environment must not be threatened by PEP11.”

Federal Opposition Leader, Anthony Albanese said the Prime Minister’s “backdown” on March 4 is in stark contrast to recent comments from Pitt that “any rig is unlikely to be visible from the coast”.

“Labor’s position on this proposal has been crystal clear,” Albanese said.

“PEP 11 doesn’t make sense from an economic, environmental, or energy perspective.

“Labor has been consulting with Save Our Coast, Surfrider Foundation, other advocacy groups and the broader community.

“We support new energy and resources projects where they make sense, but this was always a dumb idea.”

Save Our Coast has been opposing PEP11 for over three years.

The organisation held a mass rally opposing the permit at Umina Beach in 2019, attracting 1,800 residents, and has collected 78,000 signatures on petitions calling for its cancellation.

Founder, Dr Natasha Deen, said the group hoped the Prime Minister would ensure Pitt “heeds the clear wishes of the community” and denies extension of the licence.

Terry Collins

5 Comments on "Deafening silence from Resources Minister on PEP11"

  1. I support PEP11 and all it will bring to the central coast economy currently in financial ruin due to the ccc financial crisis.
    Up to 400 jobs have been lost at ccc and and the positive prospects the success of pep11 will bring to the coast are huge for our local economy.
    It will provide jobs for locals and attract new locals to feed local small/large business, filling the job loss void.
    Reduce gas pricing and generate Billions of dollars for the entire Australian economy with exports.
    It is legitimately a get out of jail free card (financially), it is bailing Australia out of this COVID recession with a gas lead recovery.
    Not to mention it’s positive carbon capture storage prospects and its ability to support the on demand gas industry which massively compliments the green energy sector.
    As a coast local with from a highly qualified trade background this creates a career path that I would be passionate about and strive towards.
    I believe 90% of the people who Oppose this have not done their due diligence to research the project and what it brings to the entire economy of Australia and how it can benefit them as locals.
    They have been influenced by others with far fetched non realistic arguments to mount an argument that is almost irrelevant.
    Advent energy have gone through all the checks and balances utilising environmental scientist to ensure it is no danger to the environment.

  2. Stephen Cassim | April 6, 2021 at 6:36 pm |

    The looney’s are now running the Asylum the cancellation of pep 11 will confirm this.Rational debate and decisions are now a thing of the past.

  3. We have a rig close to our coast in Scarborough WA there have been no issues & no complaints. Advent are being thorough using highly skilled consultants. PEP11 needs to go ahead for all of us.

  4. I support PEP11 we have a rig on our popular beach in WA which is a great site to see, there are hard working men & ladies out there. There has been no issues & no complaints. Unlock the Sydney Basin & build our Economy.

  5. Geoffrey Ballard | April 23, 2021 at 11:52 am |

    I support the PEP 11 extension. There may or may not be gas in commercial quantity – that is to be ascertained. Even if successful I fail to see how an offshore drilling rig and undersea pipelines to bring the gas ashore will destroy marine life. Can this opposing this permit extension please provide concrete evidence?

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