116.5kgs of litter removed from waterways at The Entrance North

Take 3 for the Sea joined Clean4Shore and students from the Berkeley Vale Campus of Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College for a clean-up and education event at The Entrance North.

During the field trip on March 17, students cleaned up in and around Terilbah Reserve and took a barge along the water’s edge to collect rubbish.

Take 3 has been supporting Clean4Shore since 2011 and these school field trips also include spending time with Take 3 educators and volunteers to learn more about why there is a global movement for change.

About 50 students from the Berkeley Vale campus took part, joining volunteers from both organisations to clean-up the area.

“To be able to come here and collect rubbish directly from the waterway and water is great for the children, it pulls them out of their comfort zone and challenges them in a different way while also helping the community,” said Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College Berkeley Vale teacher, Tim Butler.

“It is crucial that we do this.

“We live on the water, the kids are on the beach almost every day so working with Take 3 and Clean4Shore to ensure they understand the impact of littering and that they can make a difference is a crucial thing for them,” Butler said.

At the conclusion of the morning’s activity a litter audit was completed with the students removing 116.5kgs of litter, including a tyre, park bench, 66 glass bottles, 104 cans and 115 plastic bottles.

“We run a program called AVID, and the kids here are from that class in Year 8,” Butler said.

“It is really about life and social skills and helping them build skills for the future.

“I think it is important to give back to the community and working with Take 3 is such an awesome and powerful initiative for them to be associated with and learn from.

“The partnership with Take 3 is successful because we address two items; the educational side of litter management which is massively important and with me, it’s about getting hands-on and in the water to clean it up,” said Clean4Shore founder, Graham Johnston.

“We promote the same messages about keeping the litter out of our environment and we work very well together to get that message across,” he said.

Take 3 are proud to work with the organisation with plans for further clean-ups and education events already scheduled for later this month.

Media release, Mar 18
Take 3 and Clean4Shore

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