Who’s mowing the path from Davistown to Kincumber?

The Kincumber-Davistown cycling track

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I have written numerous emails to Central Coast Council regarding the sudden stoppage of mowing the grass on the water side of the pathway that stretches from Davistown to Kincumber.

It was first discussed that the Environment Protection Authority was to mow it.

I contacted the EPA and they advised that they own nothing, and the Council had got it wrong.

The Council owns this land and has now advised me that the Council’s Environmental Policy is to only mow 3m (10ft) from water’s edge, meaning they only mow one width of the mower at the pathway edge.

In some parts of this reserve the grass and weeds are 1500mm (5ft) high.

How does the community enjoy the water, fish, swim, paddle, take boats out, (let) dogs paddle if we cannot get to the water’s edge.

This would be one of the (more) stupid policies the Council have put out.

Is this a Greenie thing?

The Council needs to consider the community living along this reserve; we look after it more than Council – we mow and keep it clean.

Davistown reserve is mowed to the water’s edge; why not Saratoga?

Email, Feb 12
Pam Lowe, Saratoga