Whither those ‘additional benefits’?

Gosford's Council Chambers.

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Concerning the Central Coast rate increase feedback on Yourvoiceourcoast, even though the survey has been reissued, it still has a deep flaw that undermines the statistical integrity of any analysis of the results.

Question 7 still only has two options for the future increases – 10 per cent or 15 per cent.

Without selecting one, you cannot proceed with the survey.

This survey has been purposely designed to be misleading and is as scandalous as the financial mismanagement of our Council!

I hope all Coasties take it upon themselves to only pay a 2.5 or 3 per cent increase next financial year, regardless of the rates statement issued by Council.

I have read stories of the Coast benefitting by the overspend, and so it is only fair we pay back the over spend – if only they could list out and articulate the additional benefits we have enjoyed due to this overspend.

I have not seen any noticeable improvement in anything provided by Council!

And finally, how are the councillors and CEO being punished for their financial mismanagement?

Email, Jan 22
Paul Don, Terrigal