Weekly Video News 5@5

[February 19, 2021] Coming up this week: Facebook bans news, Gary Murphy strikes back, Bruce McLachlan speaks out, IPART explains proposed rate rise, Airport Restrictions lifted, a new Australian track record and an imitation ‘Eshay’, Tyso, may be on the Coast (or not)…

First we think it is appropriate to start with facebook, as you may now be watching this on Youtube…

Produced by Central Coast Newspapers in Gosford. Presented by Jacinta Counihan, David Abrahams, Hayley McMahon & Haakon Barry. Film and video production by Alex Herget.

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  1. I am concerned that ratepayers from the northern end of the council,Wyong,are being penalised unfairly Amalgamation with a more poorly performing Gosford council has resulted in less money for needed services in the north.Now we are expected to bail out the council when Wyong had no debt prior to the NSW Gov enforced amalgamation.The NSW Gov should take rrsponsibility for this disaster and put the money in to atone for their failed policy policy.

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