Share the Dignity to launch Period Pride campaign

Share the Dignity is s women’s charity, aiming to give women the dignity they deserve. Image:

This International Women’s Day, March 8, Share the Dignity will launch its biggest campaign to date, Period Pride, to remove the shame clouding periods, spark discussion and gain insight into the issue of period poverty.

Simply distributing period products to those in need puts a band-aid on period poverty, it doesn’t solve it, says Rochelle Courtenay, who is Founder and Managing Director of Share the Dignity.

That’s why, alongside the bi-annual March Dignity Drive, Share the Dignity will also be encouraging those who menstruate to complete a survey.

To make an on-the-ground difference in ending period poverty, Share the Dignity requires data to prove the social, personal and financial impacts of menstruation.

This is a necessary step in a three-pronged approach to ending period poverty: distribution of products to those in need, education around menstruation and reducing the shame and stigma surrounding menstruation.

Share the Dignity will continue its bi-annual Dignity Drive throughout March to collect and distribute much needed period products to those in need.

Supporters can drop off donations at all local Woolworths stores.

Media release, Feb 19
Share the Dignity