New thinking needed

Gosford's Council Chambers.

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The three musketeers riding to our (Council) rescue assuage ratepayers by claiming they have a collective 100 years of experience.

But that’s just a number.

I’ve had 72 years of breathing; does that make me the healthiest man on the planet?

Self-aggrandisement is faint praise.

I haven’t seen nor heard anything remotely creative from these bastions of local government and fiscal rectitude, just the regulation slash and burn and the old chestnut, whack on the odd rate increase, problem solved.

So I’ll give them a hand.

Has anyone thought of having a chat with the State Government?

After all, this whole fiasco seems to have (had) its genesis at the time of the (forced and unwanted) amalgamation.

Surely the State Government should be invited to cough up a few shillings, indeed quite a few shillings as an act of goodwill.

Or make those who spent $20M in one year on new cars buy them back; must be pretty good cars.

As Alvin Toffler wrote in 1982, you can’t trust the people who got us into the mess to get us out of it.

New thinking, not century old stuff is a prerequisite.

Email, Feb 8
Allan Norris, Umina Beach