New mural inspires interest in literature

Wadalba Community School’s new mural

A new mural at Wadalba Community School is bringing the English syllabus to life.

Featuring nods to beloved classics and modern favourites, such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Soul Surfer and The Outsiders, the Pop Art style artwork is designed to excite, entice and inspire.

Rebecca Mace is Head Teacher of English at Wadalba Community School and according to her, the mural was commissioned to engage students with the texts they’ll study throughout their high school careers.

“Here at Wadalba we are always looking for new ways to help our students engage with the curriculum that supports their individual learning styles and that’s why we wanted to transform our English block’s blank, boring walls with bright and colourful art that catches students’ attention and gets them interested in what we’re doing in class,” Mace explained.

Mace said the mural is reflective of the school’s 21st century approach to education and the rise of visual learning amongst a media saturated generation.

“As much as it makes me shudder as an English teacher, we know that today’s generation aren’t likely to just sit down and read a book in their spare time.

“They’re still doing lots of reading via social media, but the emphasis now is on visual learning and more multimodal texts.

“It’s something we’ve moved to reflect in our syllabus and in our approach to teaching to really get on the level with our kids and help them find meaning in the works they’re studying.”

The social media nod is also apparent with the styling and positioning of the mural, with different parts of the work like the Soul Surfer surfboard, making for a potentially great Instagram or Snapchat moment.

And it appears the art is resonating with the student body, with feedback about the English block’s new addition wholly positive.

“The response from the kids has been great.

“Everyone has been eager to get a look at the mural and it’s been really encouraging to hear so many students discussing some of the texts it features.

“It really has livened up the place,” Mace said.

Dilon Luke