Let’s get back to basics

Former Council Administrator, Dick Persson

Forum –

Isn’t it about time that we all spoke plainly and removed the political correctness from our society?

The majority of people I have spoken to over the past 10-15 years feel sick and tired of it.

The majority of us see our politicians bowing down to the minorities.

All of them think we should be concentrating on getting our nation back to making our products and seeing the majority back to work for decent wages and lifestyle.

One person I spoke to said we pay too much for too little (and we are) seeing justice going down the sink and criminals being let off with a slap on the hands.

I am starting to wonder where our honest politicians are and when they will listen to the majority.

Over the past few weeks when driving to the local shopping centre, I have seen roads crumbling, trees growing in the middle of our footpaths, gutters not being cleaned out.

Meanwhile the Administrator tells us it’s our fault for electing the councillors, but the problem is the overpaid senior public servants.

Let’s see (them) get on with the jobs we are paying for in our taxes and rates.

Email, Dec 24
Robert Findley, Point Clare