Gary Murphy more believable than the Administrator?

Former Central Coast Council CEO, Gary Murphy

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In reply to “CEO Sets Record Straight” I, like many other residents thought that the Council problems were caused by Gary Murphy whereas they obviously were not.

To Gary Murphy I apologise but I believed what the Administrator said – that was a big mistake as I still don’t know where the money went; even though audits have taken place we have not been given all the facts.

Certainly Mr. Murphy has detailed time frames etc and in very plain language.

I, like many others, firmly believe these problems were exacerbated by the amalgamation of both Central Coast councils.

I believe of the 20 NSW state council amalgamations only one was successful.

If there is a referendum it must include Council de-amalgamation.

The area is far too big for one council and councillors to travel from Lake Macquarie to the Hawkesbury River, especially if fewer councillors are to be elected.

All of the councillors are also being blamed but whatever happened to the board of directors being accountable for this debacle?

Mr. Murphy mentions various audits being taken before the problem was found.

Again why didn’t the directors (who are no doubt paid the big bucks) ask more questions and also the state auditor prior to the debacle called amalgamation caused by the NSW State Government?

This whole mess is left to the ratepayers who are expected to agree and pay higher rates.

Email, Feb 21
Tony Farina Kariong

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  1. Michael Blake | February 28, 2021 at 2:30 pm |

    As your article implied l believe we the residents and ratepayers are not being told the whole truth but are expected to pay for the incompetence with no consequences for the people who allowed this to happen. A rate rise of 42% requested by the Administrator is beyond belief! And justified as its only $8.00 per week some ratepayers on fixed income do not have that money to spare. Over 20,000 residents signed a petition to be presented in NSW Parliament but l’m not sure it will dealt with expediently by a State government that caused the problem. As a protest if all the Central Coast ratepayers only paid last years rates without any rate increase would that get a bit more traction. A State government that can brush off $250 million taxpayers dollars as ‘pork barrelling’ and that’s ok can surely wipe out the Central Coast debt.

  2. If only rate payers knew just how lazy some of these council administration staff were they would be flabbergasted. These same lazy employees are surviving the redundancies because the good staff are taking them and moving on elsewhere while we keep the useless ones that can’t get a job anyone else.

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