Four large townhouses proposed for Long Jetty

Townhouses to replace this old house

An old house at 36 Gordon Rd, Long Jetty will be demolished to make way for townhouses in a development proposal being considered by Central Coast Council.

The development application (1280/2020) is to clear the 900sqm block of all existing structures and build four double-storey townhouses, each with three bedrooms.

Each unit has separate ground floor private space with a northerly aspect.

Units one and four will have single garages, units two and three will have doubles, and visitor car parking cum car wash bay will be located between the second and third unit.

Vehicular access in and out of the development will be in a forward direction via a new driveway from Gordon Rd on the southern boundary.

The building height is 7.8m which complies with the code for this area of 12m and the floor space ratio also falls within the development standard.

The Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) says this is a well-suited site for the proposed development as it is close to a local Centre and other community facilities and services.

It represents a moderate investment in the area, will create local jobs during construction, the new residents will help support local businesses and the completed development will have a positive impact on local house and land values, the SEE says.

The proposal falls under the R3 medium density residential zone in the Wyong Local Environmental Plan 2013.

Sue Murray